Top 10 places to explore in Phuket Thailand

Travel over 10 incredible sites in Phuket Thailand to relish immersive cultural attractions. 

Phuket, The Southern Provinces of Thailand is one of the picturesque islands that covered with lush greenery, crystal green water, sun-kissed beaches, sunny skies, breathtaking natural views, serene sunset sites, and more to have perfect vacation. This island is situated within Andaman Sea which is spread over 90 kilometers of coastline and characterized by a monsoon weather to explore fascinating places in Phuket and have memorable experience. If you are looking for best places to visit in Phuket Thailand, then do research and get exact information about Phuket Island. 

Here are top 10 places to explore in Phuket Thailand:

Big Buddha Phuket which is the revered landmarks of Thailand and situated in Karon. It has a remarkable 45-meter tall Buddha statue with official name Phraphuttaming Mongkhol-akenagakhiri Buddha that means happiness on top of Nakkerd Mountain. To reach there, you have to climb 92 steps and reach the highest peak to enjoy panoramic views of Kata Noi Bay, Kata Bay and other, also you can capture some beautiful pictures to have memorable trip.

Old Phuket Town, which is known as heart of Phuket where you can witness ancient part of Thailand's urban legacy, colorful corners of the town, beautiful brightly painted historical Sino-Portuguese architectural views, old traditions, murals, museums with ancient collections, and shrines to stop and take pictures. If you are in Old Phuket town, do not forget to see Thai Hua Museum, where you can see the Chinese immigrant culture and Jui Tui shrine to showcase colorful Chinese idols. 

James Bond Island is generally known as Khao Ping Kan, which is the most popular honeymoon destination for couples and located near Phang Nga Bay at 25 km of northeast. There is a point rock at the island which attract passengers and rest of the island known as Koh Phi Khan which means hills leaning against each other to give breathtaking views and serene beaches to enjoy the weekend. 

Koh Panyee Village which is surrounded by mangrove dense forest to protect it from Tsunami hit, also it has foothills of a giant limestone cliff. This village was built by Muslim families from Java in 18th century which has all latest facilities such as school, market, hospital, police station, mosques and a floating playground. You can visit this island in the morning to avoid crowds. 

Koh Khai Islands is a group of three islands which are Koh Khai Nui, Koh Khai Nai, and Koh Khai Nok and to reach these islands, you have to take a speedboat ride from the Eastern coast. This place is perfect for snorkeling and water adventures because of Incredible crystal water. 

Wat Phra Thong, which is the famous Half-buried Golden Buddha statue that showcases the emerging from the temple's floor. According to legends, Burmese try to remove the statue during the invasion of Thailand town but every time they dug the ground, swarms of hornets forced them to quit. To enter the temple, you have to get well-dressed ad cover your shoulders and knees to see the rituals. 

Bang Tao Beach, which is the longest and pristine beach of Phuket that helped the city to make a fortune long time ago. This island offer lavish resorts, restaurants, clubhouse, and more which is located in Cherngtalay area of West coast. If you are searching best places to visit in Phuket Thailand, then come to see this island and enjoy the sunset views in a secluded place to give hassle-free experiences to you. 

Aquaria Phuket is underground well-maintained aquarium which offer incredible experience by offering house to 300 species and more than 25000 aquatic animals. This aquarium has mystic forest for reptiles and coastal heaven for penguins, also they have an area for South China Sea and station Aquarius to touch horseshoe crab and starfish. This place is a must-see for aquatic enthusiastic to enjoy with family. 

Promthep Cape is the beautiful and southernmost island of Phuket which is a photographed spot and pristine place for sunset views. This place has a lighthouse which doubles as a museum to give stunning terrace views and vibrant nightlife enjoyment to visitors. This place is perfect to have memorable vacation with friends away for hassling life. 

Phuket weekend Night Market is held on every Saturdays and Sundays along Chao Fa West Road which give the lowest price second-hand clothes, accessories, jewelry, bags, electronics and more to have enough of shopping. You can explore this place and have traditional Thai food to explore Phuket with your loved ones. 

In conclusion, these are some best places to visit in Phuket Thailand and have amazing and stunning gateway to enjoy with your family or friends.