Can you transfer Delta plane ticket to someone else?

Looking for Can you transfer Delta plane ticket to someone else or there is an alternative available to transfer the ticket? Sometimes, travelers face uncontrollable situations which leads to changing their plans. It is a better option if someone else flies on your behalf. To find an adequate answer or alternative options, you should go through the complete post. Delta is one of the largest airlines in the US which does not allow transfer of tickets but some alternatives help to make it possible.

How to transfer a Delta Airline ticket to another person?

It is the mostly raised query among travelers, as we know Delta does not allow you to transfer the ticket to another person's name but the transferable tickets can be transferred from one person to another however it is subject to various factors such as type of tickets, fare class, arrival/ departure destinations, and more. Therefore, if the traveler has booked Business class or first class then the tickets cannot be transferred but rather canceled and rebooked for the same destination in the other person's name.  One of the main reasons for this strict policy is an effect, Some of the fake travel agents book the tickets in advance and transfer them to another person's name to get cheap flights which becomes an issue for airlines and they face losses. 

Delta Airlines transfer ticket policy:

There are some terms and conditions under which passengers are allowed to transfer their booked Delta flight tickets to another person if the plan has been changed and other medical issues. Check the following information.

  • To transfer the Delta ticket to another person, the passenger needs to cancel the original ticket pay the cancellation fee, and rebook the ticket for the same destination.
  • You are allowed to make such changes only to the bookings made in advance. If the 24-hour grace period is exceeded the the travelers should be required to pay the charges or you are not allowed to edit the name.
  • Delta Airlines does not allow to modify the destination in the transfer of the Air ticket. To change the travel destination you should cancel the booking and rebook it.
  • If you have an airline loyalty program, a person can update the necessary changes without a fee to transfer the Airfare.
  • Sometimes, group booking travelers can transfer their Airline tickets but you should contact the Airline directly and ask them to start the transfer process.
  • However, the Delta Airlines ticket transfer is based on fare types.

How to rebook a Delta Flight to transfer it to another person?

If you wish to transfer the flight ticket to another person then the passenger should first cancel the flight ticket and rebook it in another person's name by following a few steps.

  • Firstly, travelers should visit the Delta Airline's official website.
  • Click on the Manage Booking tab and select the 'Rebook' tab.
  • Then follow the booking steps to rebook the flight in another person's name.
  • Confirm the booking and make payment for the difference fare to get the new confirmation details.