Can you edit the information on a plane ticket?

Yes, any passenger can edit their information on a plane ticket, and if you don't know how to modify your details, this guide will help you get all the required information. Not all airlines allow passengers to edit information, but almost every airline allows them to. Since you were wondering, can you edit information on a plane ticket? All you need to do is reach out to Manage My Booking, and you will get the option to modify the information. 

Can I change passenger details on flight ticket?

Yes, a customer can change the passenger details on a flight ticket, but the first thing that needs to be checked is that you must not possess a non-transferable flight ticket. If you are flying with a non-transferable flight ticket, then editing your passenger details will not be permissible. On the other hand, if your ticket is transferable, you can easily modify the passenger details like name and other information. 

What all information can I change on the flight ticket?

Let's understand what kind of information you can change on the flight ticket. So, the primary information that any airline would require about the passenger is the basic information that would be required to identify the individual, and that includes the name of the passenger, gender of the passenger, date of birth, address, and contact details. Sometimes, a passenger books the flight seat in a rush and enters the incorrect details or details with typos. In such a situation, they will need to correct the details, and at that time, airlines will need correct information with any legal proof supporting the details' correctness.

How do you change a passenger's details on the ticket?

A fight passenger can easily change the details on their ticket if they mistakenly provide incorrect details. If you were, can you edit information on a plane ticket? Then, below, you will find some of the ways through which one can easily change the details in the flight ticket. 

Online process.

You can find this online way best among all other ways because of the convenience it delivers to the passengers, and anyone can easily and quickly request the passenger details change request. The steps for the online details change process have been shared below.

  • Go to your airline's official website.
  • Search for the option to enter into the Manage My Booking.
  • Enter your PNR number or reference number with the name of the guest to enter into the portal.
  • Soon, your flight details will be retrieved, and you will be able to make changes to your name, gender, date of birth, or other details.
  • Kindly provide the supporting documents to validate and verify the details.
  • Later, your details change request will be processed sed soon. 

Offline Process.

Those passengers who are unable to make the changes via the online approach can use the offline way. Here, you can either make a phone call straight to the airline customer service or visit the airport help desk to talk with them. 

Via phone call: You need to dial the airline's customer service number and follow the calling process to speak with their representative. Ask them to change the details, and then they will process it. 

Via airport office: Reach the airport office and then visit the counter to meet with the airline's support person, who will help you make the modification. They would need travel and other Identity-related documents. Kindly provide them with the information so they can process your request and give you the updated flight ticket. 

Guidelines regarding Detail change.

Every airline has certain guidelines regarding the details change, and here are some main guidelines given below if you are looking to answer queries like "Can you edit information on plane ticket?"

  • Any passenger can change their details on the flight only if their ticket is transferrable and exchangeable. 
  • For name changes in tickets, the airline allowed correction for up to certain characters, not the whole name. To change the last or middle name, the passenger would need to provide a legal certification or document.
  • To change the date of birth, you would be needed to upload or provide a valid document that can prove the correct date of birth, like a birth certificate. 
  • Several proofs may need to change the address or other details.
  • Perhaps there may be a certain fee.