How to change date of birth on flight ticket

Traveling with an airline tends to be the most seamless experience you would have, given that all the information with which you have made the reservation is correct. Even if the details entered are incorrect, the airline gives the flexibility to make the necessary modifications and changes per the airline's policies. So, if you would like to know; how to change date of birth on flight ticket; the specifications for the same are described in the below-provided content which you can look through to initiate the process.  

Can I change date of birth on flight ticket?

Yes, majorly all the airlines allow you to make the change in the birth date on the flight ticket. For the same, you would need to make a requisite with the airline team either through online mode or via offline modes of communication. 

How much does it cost to change date of birth on flight ticket?

The average cost of a change in birth date with an airline is dependent entirely on the destination you are traveling to, the total distance covered, and the fare class in which the reservation was made. Accordingly, the airline may charge you an average of 50 USD to 150 USD, which can vary depending on the scenarios and time at which you have made a request to initiate the birth date change with the airline. 

Give details on the birth date change rules with the airline:

There are certain points under the birth date change which you would like to initiate with the airline, the details to which are described as follows:

  • If you request a name change with the airline, you will not be allowed to change the date of birth with the airline simultaneously. 
  • To successfully initiate the birth date change with an airline, you would need to make a submission of the Government approved ID for the authentication process. 
  • The change process with the airline is only allowed once, where you can modify the incorrect details on the birth date that has been submitted. 
  • All the bookings that have been made through the travel agency, are not available for birth date change as per the rules. 
  • An entire change to the ticket booked with the airline is not allowed, wherein only modifications are permitted. 

Information on the birth date change process with the Airline:

The impending question on; how to change date of birth on flight ticket; has been rightfully explained here to make a reference to:

Through the official website:

The online portal is the most suitable mode to make the birth date change with an airline. The approach that needs to be made for making the birth date change in the ticket is:

  • Ruffle through the airline's official website. 
  • Search to find the My Booking icon provided. 
  • Type in the credentials as being asked to retrieve the booking.
  • Scroll down to find the Change Birth Date from the menu list. 
  • Click on it to make the necessary changes.
  • Review, make the payment, and submit. 
  • The team will send a confirmation mail. 

Make a visit to the airport:

A direct visit to the airport can be made if you need to make a change in the birth date that has been incorrectly entered. For the same, make a visit to the airport ticket office, where the staff would provide the necessary support and assistance. Give all the details of the modifications you need to make so that the staff can complete the process on your behalf. 

Modificaitons done via mobile app:

Every airline has its mobile app, which you can use to initiate the birth date change with the airline. You just need to log in to your account, where all the drop-down choices will be shown. Make all the necessary selections under the My Booking icon to access the booking page for the required rectification.

Final words: Perusing the details on; how to change date of birth on flight ticket; you will have a better understanding of the entire process and the policy associated with the same. Feel free to connect with the team at the airline, under the scenarios of additional queries that you have. 

Can you board the flight with the wrong date of birth?

The permission to board the flight with an airline under the wrong date of birth entered is purely dependent on the officials at the airport. You can for the same make a request to the airline, to let you board the flight. Under special circumstances and situations, you may be allowed to board the flight without any hassle. At other times, you may be denied boarding with the airline.