How do I add a pet to Air France?

Having a flight with Air France and you want to add a pet on your flight but don't get the reliable way airlines allow it, so, as per the policy, you can easily add a pet to Air France; you search for how do I add a pet to Air Franceso, Adding pets which involves letting them know about your furry friend and meeting some requirements. There is a reliable process to add, you may considered it.

Inform Air France: When booking your flight, you must tell Air France about your pet. The number of pets allowed on board is limited, so booking early is recommended.

Check Eligibility: Air France only accepts cats and dogs under 75 kg (165 lbs). If your pet is heavier, it will need to travel as cargo.

Vaccinations and Health Certificate: Your pet must be up-to-date on all mandated vaccinations and have a health certificate allocated within ten days of the expedition.

Pet Passport (For EU Travel): If you're traveling within the European Union, your pet needs a European passport issued by an authorized veterinarian. This passport serves as identification and proof of vaccination.

Carrier or Kennel: The type of carrier depends on whether your pet is voyaging in the cabin or freight warehouse.

Cabin: For cabin travel, your pet needs a container that fits under the seat in front of you. The pet and carrier cannot weigh more than 8kg (17 lbs).

Cargo Hold: Air France provides guidelines for cargo hold kennels on their website

Air France Pet Policy

Air France allows pets to travel in both the cabin and checked baggage, with some restrictions which you can adhere it by getting through the down mentioned points:

Pets in the Cabin

Dogs and cats under 17 lbs (8kg) total weight, including the carrier, can travel in the cabin.

Only one pet per passenger is allowed.

Fees vary depending on the route, ranging from €70 to €200 for a one-way trip.

Pets in Checked Baggage

Pets weighing 17 lbs (8kg) and 165 lbs (75kg) can travel in the checked baggage hold.

Up to 3 pets can travel per passenger.

Fees vary depending on the route, ranging from €100 to €400 for a one-way trip.

Requirements for all Pets:

Must be notified at the time of booking

Must have all required vaccinations and health certificates

Microchipped (for travel within the European Union)

Must be in a container that meets Air France's size and ventilation requirements

Additional Considerations

Snub-nosed pets may not be allowed due to breathing difficulties at high altitudes.

Check with the embassy of your destination country for any additional requirements.

Air France recommends requesting to transport your pet in the hold at least 48 hours before departure, as space may be limited.

How much does Air France charge for pets?

Air France charges a fixed fee for transporting pets, which varies leaning on the terminus and whether your pet travels in the cabin or checked baggage. So, there is a information of the Air France pet fees, you may gather it:

Pets in the Cabin (under 17 lbs, including carrier)

Flights in metropolitan France: €20

Flights between France and specific Caribbean destinations: €75

Flights within Europe or between Europe and North Africa/Israel: €75

All other flights: €200

Pets in Checked Baggage (17-165 lbs)

Flights in metropolitan France: €100

Flights within the Caribbean: €200

Flights within Europe or between Europe and North Africa/Israel: €200

Flights between metropolitan France and specific Caribbean destinations: €200

All other flights: €400

Does Air France charge for adding pets?

Yes, Air France charges for adding a pet to your flight. The fee depends on whether your pet travels in the cabin or cargo hold:

In-cabin pets (under 17 lbs, including carrier): The fee varies depending on the route, ranging from €70 to €200 for a one-way trip.

Checked baggage pets (17-165 lbs including kennel): Similar to in-cabin fees, the cost depends on the route and ranges from €100 to €400 for a one-way trip.

Does Air France allow adding pets on flights free of cost?

No, you cannot bring a pet for free on an Air France flight. There are fees associated with getting any pet, even a service dog, although service dogs travel in the cabin for free if they meet specific requirements. There is a fee for cats and dogs under 17 lbs (8kg) that can travel in the cabin. There is a separate fee for transporting pets in the hold, and some restrictions apply on certain flights. Furthermore, you may visit its official site or swiftly contact the Air France Customer service person at 1 (800) 237-2747 at anytime whenever you need their assistance.