Does Delta Airlines have a callback option?

If you are contacting Delta Airlines for a quick query to book a flight with them but failed to connect multiple times, then you may want to know does Delta Airlines have a callback option? Yes, they have the callback option, which can be requested through different mediums. You can request a callback on your preferred timings and preferred language from Delta officials. 

Ways to Request Callback at Delta

You got both offline and online mediums to send your callback request at Delta. You have to provide the time frame you wish to talk with an official and the contact number for the live person to reach out to you. The available ways are:

How do you get a callback from Delta?

You can use the phone number of Delta Airlines 1-800-221-1212 to get the callback option. It is a suitable option when any official is not available for assistance, and you can send your request to customer service. Delta customer service representative team will call you within a given time frame.

How do I request a callback from Delta Airlines?

  • To get a call back from Delta, dial Delta Phone Number: 1-800-221-1212/1800-123-6645 from your phone
  • Attentively hear the automated instructions,
  • Choose 1 for a new booking query,
  • Choose 2 for existing booking query,
  • Choose 3 for callback assistance,
  • Choose 5 to hear the menu again.

Delver An Email

You can send the callback request through an email and expect the callback on time by an official. For queries related to booking a charter, you can request a callback on by mentioning the contact number and time. 

For queries related to flight booking or existing bookings, you can send Delta an email for a callback through the following steps:

  • Sign in to the Delta Airlines page,
  • Click the “Need Help?” button,
  • Scroll to the “Contact Us” section on the appeared page,
  • Click on the “Email Us” option,
  • Select “Callback Request” in the subject column,
  • Then add the contact number and preferred timings,
  • Add a little description of your query,
  • Click the submit button, and your request will be delivered to Delta Airlines.

Social Media

Customers may connect with a live representative of Iberia on the social media account and ask for a callback for their query. Go to the social media account from their website and type your message in the inbox. An official will definitely send a reply and help assist you as requested.

Hence, if you cannot get human assistance on call and are done with waiting on the long holds, request a callback from Delta with the help of the above ways, and you will receive the assistance at the preferred time.