How to book wheelchair assistance in Lufthansa?

Lufthansa Airlines ensures the comfort of the flyers from their end. Therefore, additional assistance has been offered to the passengers that they can take for their journey. In case a person with mobility issues wants to fly with Lufthansa comfortably, they can choose to book wheelchair assistance at the airport or onboard as required. Do you know how to book wheelchair assistance in Lufthansa? If not, this context will guide you on how to get wheelchair assistance with the required steps.

Methods to book wheelchair assistance in Lufthansa

A person is obligated to book wheelchair assistance while booking as well as after the booking. The request can be shared with the airlines up to 48 hours after the flight's departure. The methods that will help you to get the wheelchair assistance from the airlines are as follows:

Book assistance at the time of reservation

The wheelchair assistance can be booked with the reservation at Lufthansa, as there is an “Additional Assistance” page that allows you to add the service you require with the seat booking. The instructions that you must follow to get the wheelchair assistance are as follows:

  • First, go to the webpage of Lufthansa Airlines,
  • Put the destinations and date with no. of passengers in the Flight column,
  • You have to find the flight you like to reserve as per your travel schedule,
  • After tapping the “Book” option, a passenger details page will load,
  • Add the mandatory details in the same and proceed to another page,
  • Now you must opt for the “Special Assistance” option and tap the wheelchair assistance,
  • Put the required details related to getting the wheelchair assistance by attaching the files,
  • Next, you will proceed to the payment page,
  • Now, pay the ticket fare and the wheelchair assistance charges,
  • The booking will be confirmed with Lufthansa, and the added assistance will be provided at the airport. 

Book assistance after reservation

In case the reservation is already made and you haven’t added the wheelchair assistance in the same but required, you can add it later to your reservation from the site. Here are the needed instructions you must pursue to obtain assistance while traveling:

  • First, open the Lufthansa page,
  • Go to the “Prepare your trip” section,
  • Select the “Special Travel Needs” option,
  • On the appeared page, find the “Passengers Requiring Wheelchairs” section,
  • Tap the link beneath the same to book wheelchair assistance,
  • Select “register your assistance requirements online” and get a form on the next page,
  • Add the general information first, like the personal and flight details,
  • Select the appropriate columns in the form related to mobility impairment and the requirement,
  • You can choose your seat preference and an additional note for the assistance,
  • Then tap the Submit key to send your wheelchair assistance request to Lufthansa. 

Book assistance with customer service

In case the online methods are not suitable for you, you can directly approach customer service to book wheelchair assistance at Lufthansa. You may call the airline after the flight reservation and request the requirement from the official. For this, you must share the flight information correctly and explain the wheelchair requirement. The special assistance number of Lufthansa is 0800-8384-267. As the call meets with an official, you can make your request and book the assistance.