How to add pet in Alaska Airlines?

When planning to travel with our pets, several questions run through our minds. One of the most common questions is 'How to add pet in Alaska Airlines? Well, It is a straightforward process. Alaska Airlines provides top-notch services if you're travelling with your pets. The pet travel program of Alaska Airlines offers options to transport your pet safely with the best care. The article below will educate and update you about adding pets to Alaska Airlines, the associated policy, and the fee. You can take a look and have a smooth journey with your fur partner. 

How to add your pets on Alaska Airlines? 

Alaska Airlines provides an easy process through which you can easily add your pets to Alaska. Here is the step-by-step information: 

  • First, book your flight ticket, or the passenger ticket your pet is travelling with on
  • Then check the pet policy of Alaska Airlines to find out which travel option is the best for you and your pet. 
  • You can then contact reservations by starting a chat with Alaska Airlines using the link Chat With Alaska or speaking to the Alaska Airlines team at 1 800 252 7522 to reserve the space for your pet.

Alaska Airlines pet policy/Terms and conditions you should consider 

If you are travelling with your pets in a cabin on Alaska Airlines, here are certain terms and conditions you should consider. 

The passengers travelling with Pets in the cabin should be 18 or older. 

When travelling with your pets, you might not be eligible for an emergency exit or bulkhead row.

Your pet is considered your carry-on allotment. You can carry your pet carrier and personal item else a pet carrier and a standard-size carry-on bag. 

In the first-class cabin, a total of three pet carriers can accommodate per flight, and in the main cabin, eight pet carriers per flight can accommodate in total. 

You can fly with a maximum of two pet carriers in the main cabin , in case you have a second ticket with an adjacent seat. 

Only dogs, cats, household birds, and rabbits can travel in the cabin. 

The Alaska Airlines pet policy states that your dogs and cats should be eight weeks old, fully weaned and familiar enough with taking solid food without nursing for at least five days. 

The pet should stay in the carrier(Including head and tail) with the door/flap locked all the time in the boarding area( when boarding and deplaning), Alaska Lounges, and during the onboard of the aircraft. 

Keep your pet under the seat, in its carrier, during taxi, takeoff, and landing. 

If you are travelling with two pets of the same species and similar size, they may be kept in the same carrier, provided they must not poke out from the carrier and are not in distress. 

Animals with displeasing odors or those who create a noise disturbance should travel in climate-controlled baggage compartments. 

How much does it cost to put a dog on a plane Alaska Airlines?

The pet travel fee is around $ 100 per pet if they travel in a cabin and $ 150 per pet if they travel in the baggage compartment. This fee indicates each way, per kennel/carrier, and only if you travel on Alaska Airlines. However, if the itinerary includes other airlines, the fee will also be based on that airline. Remember that trained service animals can travel for free. 

Conclusion: By walking through the information above, hopefully, you get an answer to the query 'How to add pets in Alaska Airlines?'. Besides, read the pet travel policy highlights of Alaska Airlines to have a safe and smooth journey for your pets. However, for more information or if you have any confusion, go to the official website of Alaska Airlines Pet Travel or speak to their agent directly.