How to add wheelchair in Vistara?

Vistara Airlines is one of the best Indian full-service airlines serving many passengers to their destinations every day. It is based in Gurugram that comes with its favorite hub at Indira Gandhi International Airport, where you can conveniently plan your trip with extraordinary facilities and services. If you are traveling with a disabled person and getting perplexed and don't know how to add wheelchair in Vistara, you must know the simple guidance for Vistara. You need to reach the ticketing office, which is located near departure gate 3 C, and share your travel concern to get the answer conveniently.

How to add a wheelchair in Vistara?

When you wish to add a Wheelchair for a disabled person in Vistara, you need to connect with a travel agent to request special assistance at the airport or via phone call service. You need to share your concern related to disability and ask for the Wheelchair within 48 hours before departure time conveniently. You can plan your travel better if you know the wheelchair assistance policy and avoid unwarranted travel trouble with Vistara Airlines. Hence, if you need help about how to add wheelchair in Vistara, you must go through the procedure and understand the simple facts when you need especial assistance and request the wheelchair service appropriately.

Get started with the valuable points for the Wheelchair policy on Vistara Airlines

  • When you plan your trip with Vistara, you can manage short distances, but you need to require a wheelchair for long distances that you get at no cost.
  • You get the wheelchair at the airport, reach your main cabin at boarding, and go through the services within 48 hours before flight departure.
  • You can book your wheelchair by requesting a Vistara Staff online and entering the complete booking details, and reach the airport comfortably.
  • It says that if you have already booked a wheelchair within 48 hours, you must reach the airport in advance and get in touch with our airport staff.
  • You will be recommended reaching at the airport within at least 2 hours prior to departure for domestic travel and 3 hours prior to departure for international travel for wheelchair service suitably.  
  • You will get the wheelchair service at the airport that you can use for the mobility service until you reach your cabin class on Vistara Airlines.
  • If you have booked any emergency seat and requested a wheelchair, you will not be allotted to the emergency seat, and you have to accept the changes in the seat selection.

You are required to understand the policy that makes you convenient facility to add your wheelchair in your booked flight ticket. Nevertheless, you will go through the online process to request and book your wheelchair smoothly.

The process to request and book your wheelchair in Vistara Airlines:

  • First, visit the Vistara Airlines booking website and go to the check-in option on the same page.
  • You will get the special assistance section after scrolling down and selecting Wheelchair assistance.
  • Get complete details for wheelchair assistance and more facility for adding and booking your wheelchair conveniently.
  • Select the departure city name or enter the reference booking and last name of the passenger and select booking details.
  • Go to the special assistance and select the wheelchair service and select your preferred wheelchair that you can book online.
  • You will get the message of wheelchair assistance on your registered phone after completing the task.

What is the phone number for Vistara wheelchair assistance?

If you find some trouble in adding wheelchair assistance to Vistara Airlines, you are required to dial the phone number at 9289228888 and share your travel concern to get the answer soon. You can also dial 1088 and reach the airport on time and request a wheelchair at the boarding gate after informing about the special assistance over a phone call and make your flight journey suitable.