Visiting London on a budget

A budget friendly trip to London

England has ruled over more than half of the world and  post many years of world war two, the legacy of monarch rule still continues. England has its own constitution but the nation is still ruled by a queen. And its capital, London is home to all the official building and gorgeous palaces. A city that never  sleeps and stands on the banks of river Thames, has buried debris of golden history. Kingdoms came and went, years later this city has developed into an urban land with all the modern amenities but equally beholds it golden history of rule.

Why to visit London?

If you have are a kind of tourist who loves traveling to the places of historical importance then London is the perfect destination for you. The biggest reason why travelers often prefer traveling to London is because it is a perfect blend of  modern culture as well a trail of golden past in its old castles and museums. Hence during day time, you can explore these palaces, whereas at night or maybe evenings you can look around for partying in pubs.

Things to keep in mind while traveling to London in budget

When it comes to take any foreign trip, the biggest factor that determines the whole trip is the budget. The budget that we plan is always decided on the basis of the place you choose for the trip. If you have decided to spend your next holiday in this city of monarch, you can keep below points in mind for visiting London on a budget.

Tips for planning a trip to London in a budget

1.A major part of our traveling expenses is incurred on booking flights/trains and hotels. And its not necessary that you can get a deal of your choice. Thus if you want an attractive discount or reasonable price on bookings, always make sure to book tickets in advance.

2.You can also take reference of all the travel sites that offer cheap flight tickets to London

3.Plan your trip well. If you are visiting London for the first time then research well about what the city is like. Make a note of all the places you want to cover, planning things to do each day of your trip

4.Once in city, prefer taking public transports like bus, tram or metro while travelling to cut the cost on local travel. Walk as much as you can to explore the town closely since cost of cabs is quite expensive. ‘

5.If you are visiting monuments or local sightseeing then prefer the places first that have free entry.

6.In case you are traveling solo, try staying in traveler hostlers that have dorms which are quite reasonable and best to meet and bond with local people or fellow travelers.

7.Try local food for good taste which is quite cheap.

Major tourist attraction in London


 1.Big Ben

2.River Thames

3.London eye

4.Tower bridge

5.Warner brothers studio

6.Buckingham palace

7.Madame Tussaud

 And thats it! Book your flights now and travel to city of kings and queens now. And for more information, you can contact tourism department of England.